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1023 inc.

Making progress, every once in a while.

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Welcome to 1023 inc. Please enjoy your stay. Here we have a comprehensive list of the products we make among other things.

List of Products

Basic Products
~Bullet-Proof Tissue
~Never-Ending Honey Pot
~The Steam-Powered Paper Weight
~Electric Powered Generator
~1,023 Thing Pocket Knife
~The Hyper-Clip
~Stain Eating Shirt
~1,023 Decibal Bell
~The 5-second Weight Loss System
~1,023 Sound Cereal
~Ka-Boom Box
~Pheremone Pencil Holder
~Disposable Recycling Bin
~Attack Fence
~Laser Pointed Soap Dispenser
~Nuke-Proof Jacket
~CEO Endorsement Plush Dolls
~1023 Motivator

Bio Products
~The Uddered Orange
~The A-corn
~Quick Growth Grass
~Quick-Growth Cubicle

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